Nitrile gloves Procurement in Thailand, Malaysia, and Vietnam in 2021

Buying gloves in large quantities from Malaysia or Thailand is a real struggle. A lot of scams, several false promises in a market that is changing by the day.

Thailand, the world’s leading raw rubber seller, is storming all the local domestic production of nitrile gloves, and the Covid-19 pandemic is covering the shortage of gloves that many companies around the world are looking.

Almost 85% of Thailand’s rubber raw material has been exported to China, Thailand, and many other countries for additional processing, with tire manufacturers being the largest buyers.

However, the Corona Virus crisis shift demand for gloves. Thailand can have the double capacity and is aiming to bust its share to almost 30% in 2021. Several new factories set their presence in Thailand, and mega-companies aim to produce plants with more than 25 billion gloves capacity per year.

Malaysian manufacturers quickly took advantage of the situation and started expanding their production capabilities by using nitrile material. Thailand was not as fast. Their Rubber Authority of Thailand prompts the local manufacturers to take advantage of the situation and focus on boosting their glove manifaturing and expanding their available production lines.

Thailand produces about 4.9 million tons of natural rubber per year, much more than Vietnam, Indonesia, and Malaysia are making.

Since the massive demand for glove procurement has increased the production of natural rubber glut, several local manufacturers took advantage of the raw material fluidity in Thailand. They started producing locally other rubber productions such as road barriers and cosmetics.

Latex demand is not as big as the nitrile; Althgou is an acceptable alternative causing an allergic reaction and is not as smooth as the natural latex gloves. The government of Thailand is now trying to set policies and attract investments to expand further glove production.

In partnership with several local manufacturers, El Maki is helping buyers around the world procure large quantities of vinyl gloves. Although the price is ten times more than the pre-pandemic pricelist on many occasions, the demand is still there.

There are many local distribution issues, from hijacking containers to false promises to open LC from local distributors with no ability to perform in a large gloves procurement transaction.

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